Sri Sathya Sai National Leadership Programme For Self Transformation

In Association With Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning , Puttaparthi

Program Overview

Sri Sathya Sai National Leadership Programme For Self Transformation " will be a national level, web based, online program. There will be some pre and post session activities involving things such as reading, reflecting, watching videos and doing self-assesment . While most of the session is web based, there will also be a three day in-house session in Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi at the begning culmination of the programme. The program will culminate in a real-life, hands-on project which will not only focus on the participants local issues, but will also give the participant an opportunity to practice their learnings. Finally, the closure of the program will be a in-person graduation ceremony, in Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi.

The  program has 4 core components:
1. Part 1 will focus on Individual Skills
2. Part 2 will focus on Group Skills
3. Part 3 will focus on Individual Unfoldment (Self Mastery
4. Part 4 will focus on Value based Leadership 

This is a web based, online program , lasting for about 26 weeks, with 3 days induction program by the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning ,Puttaparthi in March, 2020 and a 2 day culmination and grad walk in Prashanthi Nilayam in December, 2020.

Part 1 - Individual Skills

GoalSetting Module

- working with a vision helps channelize energy, resources, effort

- what kind of goals to set

- tasks list, planning, prioritising

Communication / Intro to business communication Part 1, Part 2

- Importance of listening

- Direct Vs Indirect

- ability to articulate things (mind maps, 5w1h technique)

- raising risks

- speaking about problems & offering solutions

- service mindset for customers

Communication / Written communication

- emailing etiquette

- responsiveness

- Do’s & Dont's

Time Management

- Important but not urgent

- planning, prioritising

- tradeoffs

Executive Presence

- Dressing for Corporate (and not fashion, party)

- Executive Language & behaviour - coming across as a professional

Part 2 - Team / Group Skills

Corporate Meetings

- purpose & roles of mtgs in corporate

- roles & responsibilities

Being a good team player

- What are teams

- What does it mean to be a team player

- Dealing / handling boss

- Dealing / handling peers

Project Management

- planning, execution and follow-up

- documentation

- monitoring, tracking, reporting

Part 3 – Self Mastery (Individual Unfoldment) 

Intent of Self Mastery module is to enable the Young Leader to stabilise the foundation of Self Leadership, in line with Swami’s guideline that “ The one who is a Sreshta (Leader) needs to exemplify the Leadership in Action first). The various topics under this Module are briefly discussed here:

- Topic # 1: Self Awareness :

- Topic # 2: Self-Regulation:

- Topic # 3: Self Discovery Tools:

Part 4 : Values and Ethics

The intent of this module is to make participant more sensitive and aware of the need for Values and Ethics in their day to day (professional) life, and to share the life and teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu. This part of the module will be handled by experts from Prasanthi Nilayam and across the country .

Part 5 - Project and Submission of Report

A in-house session will be held in Prashanti Nilayam where students will share their project reports, network amongst themselves and discuss next steps. The program will end with a “Graduation Walk” ceremony.